after recapping my photos of atlanta, it was pretty obvious that its traffic at parking facilities attracts me most.


my first stop on my short trip through south-east asia was bangkok, thailands amazing megacity with its awesome mix of modern and traditional places. love the streetfood 🙂

Autumn on Iceland

Revisited Iceland in November to see the aurora borealis. In company of Stefan Brenner (visit we had the luck to catch some awesome northern lights and see some beautiful landscapes in the westfjords.


This contract work made me spend some really nice days in munich. I really love its contrasts of modern and classic architecture.

autos vor häusern

Ein Auto vor einem Haus. Kann Geschichten erzählen. Sagt was über den Besitzer und Bewohner. Manchmal passen sie sehr gut zusammen. Und manchmal nicht. Fasziniert mich immer wieder; jedes Bild ein kleiner Krimi.